Free Quotes For Window Cleaning, Pressure Washing, Rain Gutter Cleaning, Solar Panel Cleaning, and More

Get Your Ballpark Quote In 30 Seconds Or Less

Our ballpark quotes for your first cleaning are based on the square footage of your home or business, so it's quick to get a rough idea of how much your initial cleaning service will cost. 

Window Cleaning

Our easy rule of thumb is $175-$200 per 1000 square feet of your home or business. 

  • For example, if your home is around 2000 square feet, it would be roughly $350-$400 for a full interior and exterior cleaning, including washing screens, sweeping exterior sills, and giving a quick wipe to the track areas. For a small additional charge we can vacuum track areas if needed. ($3 per track)
  • Extra Items:  The following items are considered extras, and can easily be cleaned for you at a reasonable additional cost. Deck Glass ($6-8 per pane, both sides), Skylights ($15-$20 each, inside and out), Sunrooms ($5 per pane interior and exterior), Light Fixtures($5-$10 each), and Mirrors ($5-$10 each).
  • A home or business with French style windows is usually 50% more than the above rule of thumb pricing.
  • If you have a very large or complicated job, please contact us via phone to discuss your job in more detail.
  • Once your windows are clean, you home will feel bright and clean! 

Solar Panel Cleaning

Our Easy Rule Of Thumb Is $8 per solar panel.

  • A standard household solar array with 20 panels is usually around $150-$200 to clean. Additional charges would apply for extra solar panels or heavy dirt buildup.
  • Larger commercial or industrial solar arrays are easily calculated via square footage of the panels, and we offer significant discounts for setting up a recurring service plan!
  • If you have a large solar array, please contact us to arrange an in person estimate.
  • Once your panels are clean, your solar system will generate significantly more power!
  • Save 20% when you sign a 3 year Solar Panel Cleaning agreement.

Pressure Washing & Soft Washing

Our Easy Rule Of Thumb Is $175-$200 per 1000 square feet of your home or business.

  • For example, a 2000 square foot location would be roughly $350-$400 to remove all cobwebs and pressure wash the exterior.
  • We start by removing all the cobwebs, and then wash the home or office from top to bottom, leaving everything looking fresh and clean.
  • We can also pressure wash decks, walkways, and more.
  • Soft Washing is a great option for gently eliminating mold and algae using low pressure water and diluted bleach. 
  • If you have a very large or complicated job, contact us via phone to discuss your job in more detail. 
  • When coupled with a window cleaning, your property will look and feel great.

Rain Gutter Cleaning

Our Easy Rule Of Thumb Is $75-$100 per 1000 square feet of home or business.

  • For example, a 2000 square foot location would be roughly $150-$200, depending on how many trees surround the building, and the level of debris trapped in the gutters.
  • We remove all debris neatly, and can even put them in your green waste bin if you'd like!
  • We check all downspouts to make sure they are free of blockages.
  • We tidy up all walkways and yard areas after we're done.
  • Now you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your gutters are ready for any heavy rains.

Roof Washing

Our Easy Rule Of Thumb Is $500-$1000 per 1000 Square Feet Of Home Or Business

  • For example, a 3000 square foot Comp roof would be roughly $1350-1500 for a standard Soft Wash roof cleaning. A 3000 square foot Spanish Tile roof would be roughly $2700-$3000.
  • The key factors in pricing are the type of roof you have, and the level of algae and moss buildup.
  • Our preparation assures that your plants and lawn will be unharmed throughout the cleaning process. We take every precaution we can to protect your landscaping around the home.
  • After we are sure that your landscaping is protected, we start the roof cleaning process by gently soaking your roof in our unique cleaning formula from our custom-made spray applicator. What sets our formula apart from other roof cleaners' products is our formula contains foaming sticking agents that vastly decreases run-off from the spraying process. This helps keep the product off of your lawn, plants, patios, and decks.
  • Results start to appear right away. You will see the black algae stains starting to disappear immediately and all of the moss and lichen will be turning white in color as it dies.
  • You will find that the dead moss and lichen dries in the sun and then washes away in the rain, leaving your roof COMPLETELY CLEAN!

Christmas & Holiday Lighting

Our Easy Rule Of Thumb Is $9.95 Per Linear Foot Of Christmas Lights Installed

  • For example, a 2000 square foot home has approximately a 45' x 45' footprint, meaning 45 ' x 4 = 180' of roof line. Building a beautiful and energy efficient set of lights for your roof line in this example would be around $1800.
  • We have a $750 minimum for Christmas Lighting installation.
  • Add extras to your design, like lighted wreaths, or decorating trees and shrubs.
  • Next, we need to meet you on-site, so you can show us what you have in mind for your design! Contact Us below to schedule your free no-obligation consultation.
  • Once you tell us what you have in mind, we will measure your home or business to find out how many linear feet of lights your design will use.
  • We'll use this info to prepare your custom Christmas Lighting Proposal and email it to you.
  • Our price includes installation, maintenance, take down, and off-site storage. 
  • We'll build a custom set of commercial grade lights for your house, including all power cords and timers.
  • Save 10% with a 2 year agreement, and 20% with a 3 year agreement!
  • Residential Neighborhood Block Discounts Apply! 3 or more homes to qualify. Call us for details.
  • September Install Schedule Dates qualify for a $50 early bird discount.
  • Contact Us with the form below to schedule your on-site consultation, or call us at (805)229-1909!

ProGuard Gutter Protection

Our Easy Rule Of Thumb Is $11.95 Per Linear Foot Of ProGuard Installed

  • After years of cleaning gutters for clients, we've seen MANY gutter guards that don't work properly. ProGuard is hands down the best product on the market.
  • We'll meet you on-site to take measurements of how many linear feet you'd like to protect.
  • Because leaves, seeds, pine needles, pine cones, maple tree seeds, oak tree tassels, and all other debris are suspended on top of Pro Guard's hard metal surface, gutters continue to work as intended. Air circulation above, below, and around debris allows it to dry up quickly and blow away in the wind.
  • Contact Us to schedule your free on-site estimate!

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Our Easy Rule Of Thumb Is $250-$300 For Dryer Vent Cleaning

  • Keeping your dryer vent cleaned prevents fires and speeds up drying time.
  • We open the back of your dryer to clean out all flammable lint, and also clean the vent tubes with a rotary brush and allergy free HEPA filter vacuum.
  • We leave everything tidy and sparkling clean when we're done, and you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your dryer won't catch fire.

Contact us, and we'll get back to you within ONE business day!

Once you've contacted us, your next easy step would be to text us photos of your job! This helps to make sure your quote is accurate, and helps us send your quote promptly. Once you contact us, please text photos to our office at 805.229.1909 and we'll double check your photos to make sure your quote is accurate. Photos of the front, side, and back of your home or business work great, or a photo of the specific area(s) you need cleaned. By providing your cell number you agree to receive notifications and reminders from us via text/SMS.

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