Free Quotes For Window Cleaning, Pressure Washing, Rain Gutter Cleaning, and Solar Panel Cleaning

  • Our ballpark quotes for your first cleaning are based on the square footage of your home or business, so it's quick to get a rough idea of how much your initial cleaning service will cost.
  • Once you've got your ballpark quote, just click or call below to contact us if you'd like to schedule!  

Window Cleaning Quote:  Our easy rule of thumb is $175-$200 per 1000 square feet of your home or business. 

  • So for example, if your home is around 2000 square feet, it would be roughly $350-$400 for a full interior and exterior cleaning, including washing screens, sweeping exterior sills, and giving a quick wipe to the track areas. For a small additional charge we can vacuum track areas if needed. ($3 per track)
  • Extra Items:  The following items are considered extras, and can easily be cleaned for you at a reasonable additional cost. Deck Glass ($6-8 per pane, both sides), Skylights ($15-$20 each, inside and out), Sunrooms ($5 per pane interior and exterior), Light Fixtures($5-$10 each), and Mirrors ($5-$10 each).
  • If you have a very large or complicated job, contact us via phone to discuss your job in more detail.
  • A home or business with French style windows is usually 50% more than the above rule of thumb pricing.
  • Once your windows are clean, you home will feel bright and clean! 

Exterior Power Washing & Cobweb Removal:  $175-$200 per 1000 square feet of your home or business.

  • Using the same example as above, a 2000 square foot location would be roughly $$350-$400 to remove all cobwebs and power wash the exterior.
  • We start by removing all the cobwebs, and then wash the home or office from top to bottom, leaving everything looking fresh and clean.
  • We can also power wash decks, walkways, and more!
  • When coupled with a window cleaning, your property will look and feel great.

Rain Gutter Cleaning: $75-$100 per 1000 square feet of home or business.

  • Using our same example, a 2000 square foot location would be $150-$200, depending on how many trees surround the building, and the level of debris trapped in the gutters.
  • We remove all debris neatly, and can even put them in your green waste bin if you'd like!
  • We check all downspouts to make sure they are free of blockages.
  • We tidy up all walkways and yard areas after we're done.
  • Now you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your gutters are ready for any heavy rains.

Solar Panel Cleaning: $1.00 per square foot of solar panel area.

  • A standard 2000 square foot home household solar array is usually around $80-$100 to clean, depending on number of panels and size of panels.
  • Larger commercial or industrial solar arrays are easily calculated via square footage of the panels, and we offer significant discounts for setting up a recurring service plan!
  • If you have a large solar array, please contact us to arrange an in person estimate.
  • Once your panels are clean, your solar system will generate significantly more power!

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