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Listing/Selling a Property? Remember...First Impressions Do Matter!

Is it important that the interior of a home you are showing is clean and appealing to your potential buyer? Why would the exterior be any different? Take the example below, for instance. See the difference a roof cleaning, house wash with gutter polishing and driveway cleaning made? The homeowner will easily recoup the cost of an exterior cleaning project and due to the home's increased curb appeal. The benefit to you and your seller are obvious. The pictures speak for themselves...which home would you rather sell?

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Window Cleaning Services for
Real Estate Open Houses & Sales

We Clean, You Shine!

Everything is set for your open house... The furniture is staged, carpets are clean, fresh coat of paint on the walls and it's a beautiful day. The sun is shining... BUT, just look at those windows! They're spotted, streaky and diminish everything you've done to get this house ready to sell.

Most successful realtors already know that clean windows - windows so clean that you can actually SEE the sparkle as if nothing is there - can make a huge difference in your home's appearance and appeal. Far too often, cleaning the windows is an afterthought. That's why Clearview San Luis Obispo works directly with several top realtors to clean the windows of their listings as a part of their overall sales process. As a Real Estate Agent, you can even use a window cleaning perk for closing the deal!

Setting up your Realtor Account with Clearview San Luis Obispo takes less than 5 minutes. You'll get a great rate, a guaranteed cleaning schedule and flexible billing options that work for you. Call us today or complete the Quick Quote Form on the Home page.