For over a decade we have been providing professional window cleaning and pressure washing services to the residents of the San Luis Obispo county area that include retail stores, building owners and management companies, hospitals and hotels, condominium and town home associations as well as financial institutions.

Clearview San Luis Obispo is a registered corporation in the State of California. We are a fully insured and licensed window cleaning company carrying both Worker's Compensation and General Liability Insurance Policy. See our insurance documents at the bottom of the home page.

Our office conducts regular safety meetings on a weekly and monthly interval. Safety meetings are mandatory for all employees. It is conducted by the designated Safety Officers, who are responsible for training. A Safety Officer with a minimum of five years' experience conducts and assists all our safety meetings and include everything from ladder training, equipment handling, to vehicle safety. Ladder safety and equipment handling are a top priority in our line of work.

Some of the safety topics we cover are:
  • Ladder Safety
  • Back Injuries
  • Razor Scraper Safety
  • Water-fed Pole Safety
  • Working in the Cold
  • Working in the Heat
  • Extension Pole Work Safety
  • Winter Ladder Safety
  • Watch Your Step
  • Safe Driving Tips

My Safety Officers and our Leadership Team are on a constant vigil to prevent safety violations by any crew member at any time starting with new hire interviews. From there, if qualified at the interview, the individual is sent to a medical facility for a full physical work-up and a full panel drug testing report. Based on those results including our physical strength agenda, driving report check, and background check, we determine if the individual will be suitable to join our team.

We have technicians cleared and available for work at federal and military facilities, and airports that require successful background checks and extreme security clearances.

Our company's goal is to provide our clients with safe and the most efficient window cleaning and pressure washing services. We take great pride in our work. Our uniformed staff of skilled professionals is highly trained and incorporates the latest advances in technology, safety, education and training. Whether it's for your apartment or house, business office or a post construction building, we will provide you with an outstanding level of professional service at the price that will fit any budget.

We are confident that you will love the way we do business.

Our Experience:
  • 3,000+ Retail Stores Cleaned Monthly
  • 2,500+ Homes: Windows, Home and Gutter Washes Annually
  • On Angie's List with 1,000+ A Ratings
Our Residential & Commercial Division's goal of "zero accidents" has been met so far this year and is a direct result of our professional employees' commitment to success through safety and planning.

This Is NOT The Way To Clean A Window

Safety: Our first priority.

At Clearview San Luis Obispo, we remain committed to providing our customers with the best practices, and constantly update our knowledge. This helps us provide our team with an extremely safe working environment. We employ highly motivated people for our window cleaning jobs and give them special training on doing their job with precision and safety.

This calls for training in OSHA guidelines and International Window Cleaners Association (IWCA) safety guidelines. We remain committed to constantly monitoring, reviewing and updating our window cleaning methods and protocols to reduce any dangers that might arise from any job.